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What is the Treatment Before Plywood Dipping?

Jun. 29, 2021


As a Waterproof Plywood Supplier, share with you. Plywood is a kind of surface material used for interior decoration, which is made of natural wood sliced into thin slices of a certain thickness and adhered to the surface by hot pressing. The common ones in the society are natural wood veneer veneer and artificial veneer veneer. It cuts the log into large veneers along the growth ring direction. Generally three to thirteen layers, common three plywood, five plywood, nine plywood, and thirteen plywood, the outermost front veneer is called the front panel; the reverse is called the back panel; the inner board is called the core board It is durable and high temperature resistant. The structure of plywood is that the fiber directions of adjacent layers of veneer are perpendicular to each other, so the total number of layers is odd. If the corresponding layers on both sides of the symmetry center plane are different, the stresses of the veneers on both sides of the symmetry center plane will be unequal, causing the plywood to deform and crack.

Waterproof Plywood

Waterproof Plywood

When making plywood, one of the processes is indispensable-dipping. But when doing this craft, its preparation work must also be done well. The following editor will share with you what the preparatory work looks like before the plywood is dipped.

The preparatory work is first to do a boring treatment for the plywood. One step is to remove the bamboo fiber moisture in the product. So that the bamboo can get better waterproof effect, and better toughness. At the same time, after doing this step, you can also save cost and glue for plywood.

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