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What is the Difference Between Plywood and Wood Board?

Jun. 08, 2021

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Board is a commonly used building material in the process of home decoration. Today, plate processing and plate production technologies are constantly changing. There are many types of boards, which provides consumers with more choices and also troubles us. What kind of board is good? Many people don’t know: What is the difference between plywood and blockboard? Veneer Board Supplier will give you a brief introduction.

Finishing Birch Plywood

Finishing Birch Plywood

1. Wood board. Wood board is a solid board composed of a core board and a panel. The core board of wood board is formed by splicing slats, usually using the same tree species or tree species near the performance. The moisture content of the wood board core board is controlled between 6% and 12%, the width of the core rod does not exceed three times the thickness, and no large cracks or water immersion are allowed. The wood board has two dials, one with better quality is called the front panel, and the other is the back panel. The surface board can be polished with sandpaper on one side, or on both sides, or not on both sides. Under special circumstances, wood-board watches will be promised appropriate repairs. The technology of woodworking board makes full use of leftover materials in wood processing, and it is a wood board with large width, moderate thickness and uniform structure.

2. Plywood. It is similar to wood board in manufacturing method and material selection. Plywood and wood board are composed of several layers, but the difference is that wood board is not necessarily three layers, and the thickness of each layer of plywood is the same. Plywood has good structural strength and good stability, and is mainly used for the manufacture of wood products such as the bottom plate of the decoration panel and the back plate of panel furniture.

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